Surface Winding and Slitting Machine

Application and Features

The machine is applied to slitting roll materials of small size, such as OPP, PET, and cigarette case seals, etc. Main motor adopts frequency speed adjustment and magnetic powder is used for unwinding constant tension control. The machine is equipped with photoelectric E.P.C auto edge correction. Two magnetic powder clutch for rewinding and main motor linkage control (air pressure) center coiling and surface contact. Double shaft staggered rewinding and never touch each other. The machine also has the functions of presetting meters, auto stop and others.The machine is famous for compact structure, smooth running and easy operation.

Technical Specifications

Model LFQ1000-C/LFQ1300-C/ LFQ1500-C
Max. slitting speed 170m/min
Max. unwinding dia. 1000mm
Max. rewinding dia. 420mm
Rewinding paper core 25mm-76mm(optional)
Min. slitting width 5mm(straight blade)/6mm(round blade)
Max. unwinding width 1000mm/1300mm/1500mm
Total power 5.5kw/7.5kw/10kw
Weight 2300kg/2800kg/3200kg
Dimension 2200*2500*1100mm/2500*2500*1100mm