Paper Slitting Machine

Application and Features

The machine is applied to slitting single layer plastic film of PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS, PVC, etc., multilayer laminated plastic film, paper and other roll materials.


The machine adopts pneumatic lifting device and is especially suitable for slitting the paper of big diameter.

1.The machine adopts Siemens PLC programmable control system; full auto tension control by PLC.

2.Taiwan Weinview color touch screen man-machine interface operation, concentrated display and control working state, speed, tension and other parameters.

3.The design of one button to Start/Stop realizes linkage control of tension switch, main motor start/stop and others; before start the machine, only need to input some simple parameters, such as the thickness and the diameter of raw materials, speed, etc., all the work done by the computer automatic calculation.

PLC can realize the functions of meter counting while rewinding, presetting meters for auto stop, and auto stop while unwinding roll is end.

4.Main motor adopts frequency speed adjustment, Japan Yasukawa inverter.

5.Horizontal structure, with unwinder and rewinder at both side of machine body.

6.Cast iron body, guarantee the stability at high speed.

7.The machine is equipped two kinds of slitting method: round blade slitting and straight blade slitting

8.Unwinder has pneumatic lifting device and auto photoelectric E.P.C system, with air-expansion shaft for unwinding.

9.Both up rewinding and down rewinding adopt air shafts, with pressing rollers. The rewinding shafts can be disassembled and has one end rotatable, convenient for unloading.The shafts are locked by pneumatic.

10.Slitting edge is blown out by high power blower through recycling pipe at the right side of the machine.

11.All guide rollers are highly hardened aluminum alloys, with static and dynamic equilibrium treatment.