Cantilever Slitting Machine

Application and Features

The machine is applied to slitting single layer plastic film of PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS, PVC, etc., multilayer laminated plastic film, paper and other roll materials.

1. Unwinding unit: it adopts shaftless air compression gripping way with pneumatic chuck, with the features of fast gripping raw materials, easy loading and single person to operation. E.P.C adopts imported LPC edge correction device and it can realize guide function by material edge as well as printed mark. Unwinding tension is through independent vector variable frequency motor to calculate original preset parameters to achieve constant tension.

2.Slitting unit: the machine is equipped with two kinds of slitting method: round blade slitting and straight blade slitting

3.Rewinding unit: it adopts three motors rewinding way. Rewinding shaft use imported center type pneumatic slip shaft and auto tension compensation system, so that rewinding tension is smooth and not necessary to be adjusted according to increasing speed and diameter.

4.Rewinding pressing roller unit: the machine is equipped with two groups of pneumatic auto lifting pressing roller, auto tension control by computer.

5.Slitting edge unit: the machine is equipped vacuum type waste edge removal system; slitting edge is blown out by strong force absorbing method

6.Static elimination unit: the machine is equipped with two groups of static brush, one is before up rewinding and the other is before down rewinding, which can effectively eliminate the film static between slitting and rewinding

7.Finished products unloading unit: the machine is equipped with unloading device and it can unload the finished products of big diameter simply and effectively, and save time.

8.PLC control system: the machine adopts imported PLC to realize accurate and stable control function and true color touch screen display to show concise and beautiful image. Interactive parameter setting environment can start working directly relieving complicated setting; before start the machine, only need to input some parameters, such as the thickness, the width, the density and the diameter of raw materials, speed, etc., all the work done by the computer automatic calculation.


1.Unwinding hydraulic lifting structure

2.Static eliminating brush

3.Servo Motor

4.Laser tube function on paper

Technical Specifications

Model LFQ1000-A/LFQ1300-A/ LFQ1600-A
Max. slitting speed 400m/min
Max. unwinding dia. 1000mm
Max. rewinding dia. 600mm
Max. unwinding width 1000mm/1300mm/1600mm
Total power 20kw/20kw/25kw
Weight 3800kg/4500kg/5300kg
Dimension 2400*4000*1900mm/2700*4000*1900mm