5 in 1 Bag Making Machine

1. Box bag

2. D-cut bag

3. Handle bag

4. T-shirt bag ( Need add Manual or Automatic punching machine)

5. Drawstring bag


Non Woven Bag Machine Introduction:

This machine adopts mechanical,electrical,optical and pneumatic integration technology.

It is advanced equipment and has the function of automatic handle loop bonding (speed up to 75pcs/min,equal to 5 worker’s bonding speed or 5 handle loop sealing machine),suitable for non-woven fabric, different specs of non- woven handle bags ,flat bag,D-cut bag,bottom/side gusset bag, vest bag and drawstring bag etc.can be made by this machine.Which can replace the traditional handle-sealing ,reduce labor and manufacturing cost,vast apply to the packing of costume,shoes,wine,gift etc.


Non Woven Bag Machine Specification:

1. Fashion Non Woven Bag Making Machine.

2. Welcome customize design.

3. Fine craftsmanship,high quality standard.

4. High Production Speed.

5. Full automatic machine,save labor.


Non Woven Bag Machine Advantage:

1. Environment products.

2. Latest design in 2016,can make bag with handle in directly.

3. Taiwan PLC touch screen operation.

4. Computer sutomatic positioning.

5. Match with stepping type length setting.

Technical Specifications

Type TPLW-E700
Production Speed 20-120pcs/min
Bag Width 100-800mm
Bag Height 200-600mm
Handle Loop Length 380-600mm
Handle Material Basis Weight 60-100g/㎡
Bag Material Basis Weight 35-100g/㎡
Power Supply 380V/220V
Total Power 18KW
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 11500×3000×2100mm
Weight 3500KG