Tandem Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine

Flexible Packaging And Light Paper Coating Application

Laminating machine (including AC device) suitable for producing flexible packaging materials and multi-layer laminated film.

Tetra Packs

High resistance, can resistance light and air prevent products become bad; mostly use for liquid packaging, like milk and juice.

The Multi-Layer Lamination Film Packaging

Anti-moist, anti-air and anti-light, mostly use for food flexible packaging, like potato chips bags and instant noodles packaging, pet feed bags and mask packaging.

Release Paper Coating

Machine can provide average coating thickness and let silicon process will be more economics.

TP LAM 1000-2000D double mainframe Extrusion Lamination Machine

Main features:

TP LAM dual host extrusion coating and laminating unit, the absorption of foreign advanced technology, is currently a complete advanced models of double-sided laminating process, the equipment used to need a complete production of double coated paper, or multilayer composite materials such as carton of milk, juice box, beverage box, etc., is an ideal equipment for production of aseptic packaging materials

The main technical parameters:

TYPE TPLAM-1000 TPLAM-1100 TPLAM-1300 TPLAM-1600 TPLAM-1800
COMPOUNDING SPEED 100-150 100-150 100-150 100-150 100-150
NET LAMINATING WIDTH 500-900 600-1050 600-1250 800-1550 1000-1750
LAMINATING THICKNESS 0.010-0.1 0.010-0.1 0.010-0.1 0.013-0.1 0.013-0.1
LAMINATING LAYER 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-4
EXTRUDING QUANTITY 10-150/20-150 10-180/20-180 10-200/20-200 10-250/30-250 10-280/30-280
SCREW L/D RATIO Φ90 28:1 Φ95 30:1 Φ105 30:1 Φ105 32:1 Φ110 33:1
POWER 110 130 150 180 200
OVERALL DIMENSION 13000×8300×3200 13000×8400×3200 13000×8600×3200 13000×9000×3200 13000×9300×3200