Co-Extrusion Film Lamination Machine

Flexible Packaging And Light Paper Coating Application

Laminating machine (including AC device) suitable for producing flexible packaging materials and multi-layer laminated film.

Tetra Packs

High resistance, can resistance light and air prevent products become bad; mostly use for liquid packaging, like milk and juice.

The Multi-Layer Lamination Film Packaging

Anti-moist, anti-air and anti-light, mostly use for food flexible packaging, like potato chips bags and instant noodles packaging, pet feed bags and mask packaging.

Release Paper Coating

Machine can provide average coating thickness and let silicon process will be more economics.

TP LAM 1100-2000M Multilayers Extrusion FILM Lamination Machine

Main Features:

This series of Extrusion Lamination Machines are mainly paper, plastic film, non-woven cloth or aluminium foil as substrate, by casting a compound into two layer, three layer (sandwich), widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other industries. Such as making a cup, a bowl of instant noodles, feed bags, medical materials, fast food box, non-woven bag. PLC man-machine interface control, machine, electricity, gas, integrated design; high precision Moto, high efficiency, high speed mixed refine screw, swift filter screen changer, 360o second reel; can be equipped with a single extruder. Double screw extruder, multi-stage attack realizes multilayer co-extrusion.

The main technical parameters:

MODEL SJFM1100-2000M
mechanical Specifications 1100-21000mm
max.speed of coating film 100-150
Suitable coating resin film PE,PP ,EVA,EAA
Suitable base material PAPER, Glass Net Cloth, NOPP/BOPET,(AL)
width of coating film 1000-2200mm
thickness of coating film 0.012~0.1mm
inaccuracy thickness of coating film ±5mm
complex cooling roller Φ500mm,Φ600mm,Φ700mm
screw specification (L/D)Φ90:33,Φ100:33,Φ110::33:
main unwinding diameter Φ800-1300mm
diameter of auxiliary unwinding Φ600mm
diameter of rewinding Φ800-1300mm