Cast Film Line High Speed (Stretch Film Machine)


Model No TPCL-80/120/80H
Thickness Of Film 10-50mircon
Structure Of Film Layers A/B/C Or A/C/B/C/A
Max Rewind Diameter 400mm
L/D Ratio Of Screw 30:1
Width Of Die Head 2400mm
Liner Speed Of Machinery 350m/min
Motor Power Of Main Machine 45/110/45kw
Width Of Film 2100mm
Max Extrusion Capacity 560kg/h
Screw Diameter 80/120/80mm

Product Description

High Capacity Machinery Stretch Film Roll Making Machine Model TPCL-80/120/80H

Machinery Strech Film Roll Making Machine Features:

1. Gear box is driven by motor through coupling.

2. High quality ceramic heater which keep warm and keep the heater in a suitable temperature to guarantee the plastizing,when the temperature becomes higher,the fans will start to work ,to make the screw be cool.

3. Double high precision stainless steel vacuum box device.

4. Big diameter cooling roller device, with special design: water one way inside and one way out, spiral channel which make the film cooling fast with good transparency.

5. Discharging the finished products and change paper core at the same time,which saves about 25-30s and realized the products 2-3kg small film can be made on line in high speed.

6. Automatic edge material recycling system with on-line vacuum makes the process of rewinding more smooth, increase the fracture resistance,and decrease the limitation by liner speed.