Cast Film Line 1000mm (Stretch Film Machine)


Model No TPCL-55/75/55A
Type Sheet Extruder
Plastic Processed PE
Product Type Granulating Extruder
Feeding Mode Multiple Feed
Assembly Structure Integral Type Extruder
Screw Multi-Screw
Engagement System Full Intermeshing
Screw Channel Structure Deep Screw
Exhaust Don’t Exhaust
Automation Automatic
Computerized Computerized

Product Description

Screws 45/65/55A 1000mm PE Stretch Film Machine—PE Stretch Film Making Machinery

Machine Making Stretch Film

Unit Making Stretch Wrap

Machinery Making Wrapping Film


1. To ensure good plasticization and high quality and high output, special mixing refining design is adopted in the machine’s alloy screw which consists of import static state mixer.

2. The bi-directional loop design and helix runner inside cooling steel roller are adopted to stable the temperature on the surface of the roller.

3. The machine is easy to test and adjust the thickness of film, the Slitter could be changed without stopping the machine.

4. The winding system applys air knife online device, which can automatically cut the film in different width quickly.


The film produced by this machine is very good packing materials for goods package which can prevent loosening and anti-dust.

The film can be widely used in wrapping pallet, storage packaging, manual packaging and so on.

Perfect transparency and tensile strength of this film keep cargos clean and safe.

Main Technical Elements

Max Rewind Diameter 400mm
Screw Diameter 45/65/55mm
L/D Ratio of Screw 30:1
Motor Power of Main Machine 11/18.5/15kw
Total Power 15.5-65kw
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 7.6*4*3.6m
Total Weight 9.5T
Width of T-Die 1250mm
Width of Products Film Roller 1000mm
Thickness of Film 0.01-0.05mm
Structure of Film Layers A/B/C or A/ C/B /C/A
Liner Speed of Machinery 120m/min
Max Extrusion Capacity 135kg/h